Nowadays, the younger generation is not any more the only one using computers innately. Digital generation is not alone, it's now all generations who are on contact with technologies who changed the communication and the view of life of everyone, because they became very simple and widespread.


              Internet can't be ignored in present social life, because you have the opportunity to be in contact with  many different kinds of people. Video games, allied to the Internet, is the best example of interactivity while a growing number of gamers have fun.


Nighty - Lanterne Rouge

              All generations can communicate differently from the past, and pave the way for a new social behaviour just by using the screen and the keyboard. 


                  Digital Generations shows us the picture of the society living this digital revolution. The documentary looks into the Trackmania gamers community, who is a very good example of different manners to use the Internet.


Desiré Koussawo - Futurolan